Wireless System

Wireless System

Shure Wireless Microphone System - This system is for small meetings for 10 - 150 people in a restuarant or Small - Medium - Large size meeting room. The equipment offered is in a package and the package and pricing differs on the type and quantity of microphones needed. . Our quickly QUOTED pricing includes Delivery - Rental equipment set-up and Strike or removal of the rental equipment. Below is a list of the the possible options.

Shure Wireless Receiver with Handheld transmiitter microphone(s)          Applications: Panel discussion / Q and A  /  Presentation

Shure Wireless Receiver with beltpack transmitter and 185 Lavaliere microphone(s)  Applications: Hands free Presentation / Panel discussion

Shure Wireless Receiver with Table Top 15" Gooseneck transmitter microphone(s)   Applications: Push to Talk panel discussion / Podium

Mackie 12 channel Mixer

JBL EON 10" or 15" Powered Speaker(s) with Ultimate Spreaker stand

Portable AV Cart with Black dress skirt for receivers and mixer station

All A/C Power and XLR audio Cables needed secured with Safety Tape in all high trafic according to industry safety standards.


Wireless Presentation Systems - While conducting meetings of all types you may need the aide of a number of presentation devices which include the following :

Dsan PerfectCue Remote slide advancer      Applications : Wireless Dual  or Single laoptop hand remote slide advancer with laser pointer

Dsan Limitimer Speaker Signal with timer    Applications :  Wireless speaker podium Signal timer

Dsan Larger Audience Signal light timer      Applications :  Wired Signal light and timer for Audience Interaction and FYI

Interlink Slide Advancer                                  Applications :  Wireless Single Laptop remote slide advancer RF short distance >140 ft.

ClearCom Wireless intercom systems          Applications : Wireless Communications with Back Stage personell and Camera Operators

Shure Wireless In ear Personal Monitor       Applications : Wireless Personal Artist / Performer in ear monitor system

All of these systems play an important role in the success of any public speaking, presentation or production and depending on the event complexity some or all of these tools may be used at once.

*****  Please call :  786-426-0062  A V Trends rents all of these Wireless systems and Professional Technicians at a great price point for your event *****

A V Trends has the latest wireless Technology and we can Rent for meetings , performances or Install any of the different Technology to best fit your needs. CALL A V TRENDS  @ 786-426-0062 for a free evaluation and complete quote that will fit your budget. 

Wireless HDMI , SDI Video or Analog video is used in a number of applications From Broadcasting live mobile VideoTransmission to sending your HDMI laptop computer Monitor / Screen output image wirelessly to a LCD Projector or TV monitor with HDMI inputs which can include the audio as well .  Even CCTV and other covert applications can be used record and archive different video sources. A V Trends has many of manufactures and price points to choose from. If you want to get the job done right the first time let A V Trends provide you a professional quote.

Manufactures : IDX , Radian MC , BON, IOGEAR, SWIT, VidOvation, AMIMON, TERADEK, NYRUS

Wireless Video Technology applications are practicle and cost effective in Small and large open spaces . Used in Hotels and many other venues as well as Mobile Electronic news gathering (ENG ). Many other applications include corporate meeting communications, live events of all types , CCTV Camera images and news worthy events are transmitted with fast, unobtrusive set ups which are needed to produce Images when running cables take too long and are not an option.

A V Trends has the latest Portable rechargeable wireless LED Lighting technology for any event size.  Transmitting DMX signals and commands from a lighting Console wirelessly to each LED moving and non moving lighting instrument. Applications range from : Corporate Event, Special Event, Social Event, Fund  Raiser, GALA Events and live Show events of all types.

A V Trends has a large RENTAL selection of the latest and New Wireless LED Lighting on the market today and some traditional Stage and show stage lighting instruments as well.

48" LED Barlights         LED PAR 64 lights    LED Stage ellipsoidal    Traditional 1000w/750w ellipsoidal    Moving lights of all types

LED FLOOD Lights       LED BeeEye Moving lights     LED Spider Moving lights    Large Stage Spot Lighting     Mini Stage Spot lighting

Runway Lighting          Podium Lighting       3 point lighting pkg        Studio Fixed Lighting and ENG Portable Lighting 


A V Trends will provide you with the best service and pricing for all your Professional lighting and event lighting needs. Call A V Trends today @ 786-426-0062 and get our best lighting solutions within your budget.

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